What is Ethan's new offer for Mason?
  • He thinks that Mason has some growing to do--so he decides to regress him, and give him a place in the frat as a scrawny, freshman boy.
  • Ethan doesn’t offer him anything--he gets to remain as a pig janitor forever. Mason feels this is unfair, until Ethan corrupts him further.
  • He decides to give him to Jace as a gift, and warps him into a leather bound drone, desperate to please his new master.
  • He changes him back, and allows him to remain as coach--though he has several new, humiliating fetishes as punishment for his misbehavior.

Two more boys have gotten private time with Daddy--what sort of fetishes is he looking to give them?
  • Bondage and Objectification
  • Piss and Rimming (no scat)
  • Ash and Cigar Play
  • Fisting and Toys
  • Outdoor Sex and Mudplay
  • Feet and Boots
  • Feeding and Gaining

Ethan has been noticing that the amulet is behaving oddly--what seems to be the issue with it?
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Ethan continues extending his influence onto the campus proper--where does he target next?
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